"Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do."

The Missouri Senate
Senator Bill Eigel

Saint Charles, Missouri

District Office Director
February 2017—Present

Recruited to facilitate a political victory in the 2016 election cycle. Ultimately successful, I then transitioned to official Senate staff to act as the primary liaison and surrogate for Senator Bill Eigel in the 23rd Senatorial District, located in St. Charles, Missouri.

  • Serves as main in-district point of contact for Senator’s constituents, lobbyists, media, and municipalities.
  • Furthers the Senator’s legislative agenda by assisting in the drafting of legislation and amendments and directly engages in legislative strategy sessions.
  • Monitors legislation and tracks issues specific to the Senator's district.
  • Attends meetings and hearings and performs information gathering.
  • Implemented a successful series of direct Senator and constituent meetings.
  • Makes presentations at meetings on behalf of the Senator at civic and political events.

The Missouri House of Representatives

Saint Charles, Missouri

State Representative
District 105
February 2008—January 2017

While serving as the Dean of the Missouri House of Representatives, I found myself able to thrive tremendously with my excellent interpersonal skills and my willingness to work hard and research any public policy that was under debate.

During my nine years in the Missouri House, I was able to hone my skills of working in high-pressure situations and finding unique outcomes to make sure the needs of all parties involved were met.

  • Chairman of the Consumer Affairs Committee (2015–2016)
  • Chairman of the Appropriation for General Administration Committee (2011–2014)
  • Vice-Chairman of the International Trade and Immigration Committee (2008–2010)
  • Member of the House of Representatives Budget Committee (2011–2014)
  • Worked with fellow members and external stakeholders to successfully pass numerous legislative priorities.
  • Utilized direct outreach and emerging technologies to maintain an efficient constituent relations program for federal, state, and local issues; various methods of outreach included:
    • weekly targeted electronic mailings;
    • an official website; and an
    • aggressive use of social media.
  • Acted as liaison between State agencies and constituents.
  • Developed and successfully implemented a constituent newsletter distributed to a subscriber list of 5,000+ people per week by working to ensure a consistency in editorial style encompassing a wide array of elements including:
    • graphics;
    • captions;
    • images;
    • videos; and
    • text.
  • Saved the taxpayers $46,983.43 by spending only 56% of my office budget ($58,952.64 of $105,936.58).
  • Supervised full-time legislative staff members and 1-2 interns and at any given time.

The United States Senate
Senator Christopher Bond
Senator John Ashcroft

Saint Louis, Missouri

Staff Assistant
June 2000—March 2002

Field Representative
March 2002—May 2003

Deputy District Office Director
May 2003—June 2004
Nov 2004—Nov 2007

  • Represented and spoke on behalf of the Senator(s) in the seventeen counties in northeast Missouri at local and regional events.
  • Communicated to constituents the Senators’ policies and positions on a diverse range of issues.
  • Collaboratively worked with staff and constituents to resolve constituent issues dealing with the federal, state, and local governments.
  • Coordinated national, regional, and local media events.
  • Researched grant opportunities for Missouri organizations and individuals and drafted grant support letters on behalf of such, if applicable.
  • Conducted 25+ “Listening Posts” per month in northeast Missouri.
  • Briefed Senators on policy issues specific to the counties in my area of expertise.
  • Through direct collaboration with Senator’s appropriations staff, we were able to directly fund many state, county, and municipal projects via one-time or multi-year funding streams.

Missourians for Kit Bond
Senator Christopher "Kit" Bond

Saint Louis, Missouri

Field Representative
June 2004—November 2004

Transitioned from official Senate staff to campaign staff for the 2004 election cycle.

  • Organized efforts for the campaign in the seventeen counties in northeast Missouri; Senator Bond won every county under my purview en route to a statewide margin of victory of over 13%.
  • Secured numerous political endorsements for the Senator.
  • Coordinated and executed a grassroots effort that contacted over 50,000 voters via phone calls and door knocks.
  • Organized field activities with political organizations, student groups, and volunteers to implement our "get out the vote" strategies.